Sculpting the Digital Space: The Creation of


In the latter half of 2023, DesignSales was tasked with a project that would carve a niche in the digital world: Our client, Alex Turner, a skilled soapstone artisan backed by a robust team, envisioned a platform that could serve as a sanctuary for both budding and expert carvers.

  • Project Title: Soapstone Carving Beginners Guide
  • URL:
  • Client: Alex Turner
  • Year of Creation: 2023
  • Project Timeline: August 2023 – October 2023
  • Type of Project: Website Development, Content Creation
  • Theme: Soapstone Carving Education and Techniques
  • Client’s Special Requests:
    • Detailed tutorials on soapstone carving for different skill levels
    • Gallery features to showcase user creations
    • Resource sections for purchasing carving tools and soapstone
  • Completion Timeframe: 3 months
  • Software Used:
    • Content Management System: WordPress
    • Design Tools: Adobe Creative Suite
    • Development Environment: Local by Flywheel, integrated with GitHub for version control
  • Additional Features:
    • Mobile-responsive design
    • SEO optimization for craft and hobbyist visibility
    • Interactive tutorials and high-resolution imagery to engage users
    • Social media integration for community sharing and interaction

From August through October, our studio was abuzz with creativity, coding, and content curation. We meticulously molded a website that resonates with the tactile essence of soapstone carving. The interface, much like the stone itself, was designed to be smooth, accessible, and welcoming to all levels of enthusiasts.

Each page of is a testament to Alex’s dedication to the craft. The site not only imparts wisdom on techniques and tools but also inspires visitors to embrace the art of soapstone carving. For DesignSales, this project was not just about building a website—it was about crafting an experience that mirrors the patience and skill of the art it represents.

As we reflect on this project, we take pride in delivering a site that not only met but exceeded the expectations of Alex Turner and his team. stands as a digital homage to the timeless art of soapstone carving, and DesignSales cherishes the opportunity to have played a pivotal role in its creation.

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