Portfolio Insight: Knifemakingguide.com – A Study in Brutalist Web Design


In mid-2023, DesignSales embarked on a cutting-edge project with Aiden Black to develop Knifemakingguide.com, a comprehensive resource for knife-making enthusiasts. The client’s vision was to craft a platform that cuts through the clutter with a robust, raw aesthetic, leading us to employ brutalist web design principles.

Project Synopsis:

  • Client: Aiden Black
  • Year of Creation: 2023
  • Project Duration: July to September 2023

Design Narrative:

Adopting the bold lines and deliberate starkness of brutalist web design, Knifemakingguide.com was sculpted to stand out. The site is an amalgamation of industrial textures, monochromatic color schemes, and typography that reflects the precision of knife making.

Optimization and Functionality:

  • SEO: Keywords like ‘brutalist web design’ were seamlessly integrated to enhance visibility and resonate with the craftsmanship of knife-making aficionados.
  • Usability: Despite its deliberate raw interface, the site remains highly navigable, ensuring that users can access information with ease.

Content Architecture:

  • Resourceful Guides: From selecting the right steel to the art of the grind, the site offers in-depth tutorials.
  • Community Features: Interactive forums and galleries where craftsmen can showcase their work.

Knifemakingguide.com represents DesignSales’s proficiency in tailoring unique web experiences, proving that brutalist design can be both compelling and functional.

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