Personal Website Design: Crafting “Lawn Craft: The Lawn Diaries”


In the lush summer of 2023, DesignSales was commissioned by Oliver Thompson to cultivate his personal website, “Lawn Craft: The Lawn Diaries.” Our journey, spanning from July to September, was to sow the seeds of a digital presence that reflects Oliver’s two decades of horticultural mastery and his devotion to the verdant landscapes of the Cotswolds.

Project Overview:

  • Client: Oliver Thompson
  • Creation Period: July – September 2023
  • Aim: To create a personal website that serves as an educational portal, a source of inspiration, and a community hub for lawn enthusiasts.

Design Approach:

Fusing traditional British elegance with modern design sensibilities, we focused on crafting a personal website that embodies Oliver’s expertise in turfgrass management. The result was a bespoke, responsive design optimized for usability across devices—a cornerstone of personal website design.

SEO Strategy:

We intricately wove the keyword ‘personal website design’ throughout the site’s architecture, ensuring that Oliver’s trove of lawn care wisdom ranks prominently for those seeking a tailored touch in their digital quest for knowledge.

Content Highlights:

  • Educate: Rich, informative content guides readers from the basics to the cutting-edge of turfgrass care.
  • Inspire: A visual diary of the UK’s most captivating lawn designs.
  • Engage: Interactive features encourage community participation and dialogue.

Technical Accomplishments:

  • Responsive Design: Ensuring that “Lawn Craft” is as mobile-friendly as it is informative.
  • Interactive Elements: User engagement was prioritized to transform readers into active community members.

“Lawn Craft: The Lawn Diaries” now flourishes as a testament to Oliver Thompson’s dedication and DesignSales’s commitment to personal website design excellence.

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