Designing the Melody: The Project by DesignSales


Leveraging a medley of musical terms and iconic references, DesignSales undertook the project of creating in 2023. Over two months, from August to September, we orchestrated a digital platform harmonious with Gary Baker’s artistic ethos.

Project Highlights:

  • Project You sound better with the best instrument
  • URL:
  • Client: Gary Baker
  • Year of Creation: 2023
  • Project Timeline: August 2023 – September 2023
  • Type of Project: Website Development, Content Creation
  • Theme: Music Education and Gear Reviews
  • Client’s Special Requests:
    • Extensive resources on musical instruments and artists
    • Integration with Amazon Services LLC Associates Program for gear recommendations
    • Features to share music creation stories and user experiences
  • Completion Timeframe: 2 months
  • Software Used:
    • Content Management System: WordPress
    • Design Tools: Adobe Creative Suite
    • Development Environment: Local by Flywheel, with GitHub integration for version control
  • Additional Features:
    • Mobile-responsive design for a seamless experience on various devices
    • SEO-optimized content targeting musicians and music producers
    • Dynamic content such as videos, sound samples, and interactive guides
    • Social media features to enable sharing and community growth

Creating a music website involves a symphony of strategic planning, design, and development. The process typically starts with defining the site’s goals and audience, followed by designing an engaging and intuitive user interface. Content is king in music websites, with a focus on rich multimedia, from audio clips to video tutorials and gear reviews.

A strong music website project, like, shines with a user-centric design that facilitates easy discovery of information, seamlessly integrated e-commerce for product recommendations, and responsive features for community engagement. This particular site excels by harmonizing in-depth musical knowledge with a comprehensive resource for both gear and educational content, setting the stage for a vibrant community of music lovers.

The end composition is a website that not only educates but also inspires, echoing the versatility of instruments like the ‘dulcimer guitar’ and the legacy of artists such as ‘jimi hendrix flying v’. DesignSales is proud to present, a site that truly sings with information and inspiration for every music lover.

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