12 Rules for Designers to Communicate with Clients: The DesignSales.net Creative Design Manifesto


Let’s face it: the realm of creative design is often less like a smooth sail across a serene lake and more like a thrilling ride on a rollercoaster—exhilarating, occasionally stomach-churning, and always memorable. At DesignSales.net, we’ve navigated these tracks more times than we’ve had hot coffees on a cold morning. And in the spirit of shared growth (and fewer spilled coffees), here are our 12 rules for designers to communicate effectively with clients, peppered with a dash of humor because, why not? Laughter is the best adhesive for client-designer relationships.

What is Creative Design?

Creative design refers to the process of generating unique ideas and concepts to solve problems or meet specific needs within an aesthetic framework in various fields such as graphic design, industrial design, fashion design, web design, advertising, and more. It combines artistry, innovation, and practicality to create visually compelling and effective designs. The goal is to communicate a message, evoke emotions, or provide functional solutions in a way that is original and resonates with the intended audience. Creative design is at the heart of branding, product development, and visual storytelling, and it requires a deep understanding of both the medium being used and the audience being targeted.

Creative design is what happens when the right side of the brain goes on a caffeine binge and decides to throw a party with a bunch of artistic tools. It’s not just about making things look pretty (though a bit of makeup never hurts); it’s about solving the world’s problems with a splash of color, a pinch of imagination, and a dollop of innovation.

Imagine you’re a superhero, but instead of fighting crime, you’re battling blandness with your arsenal of fonts and your shield of Photoshop. You swoop into a world of white walls and “Comic Sans crimes” to save the day with your tasteful color palettes and clever logos.

In the universe of creative design, a blank canvas is a cry for help, and the designer is the caped crusader who answers that call. Whether you’re sketching the next trendy gadget, stitching fashion’s future, or coding up a storm for a slick website, you’re not just making things; you’re crafting experiences, stirring emotions, and perhaps making the world a tad more delightful.

So, in a nutshell, creative design is the art of turning “meh” into “wow,” one creative burst at a time, all while keeping the chaos of creativity under the deceptively calm surface of a well-designed masterpiece.

Web Creative Design – It’Web

Web creative design is a special beast in the digital jungle. It’s like being an architect, an artist, and a psychologist all at once, but for the internet. The uniqueness of web creative design lies in crafting a virtual space that is not only a feast for the eyes but also a cinch to navigate—like creating a museum where the art loves you back and the signs never lead you astray.

The key features of web creative design include:

  • Responsiveness: Like a chameleon changing colors, a well-designed website must look fabulous on a multitude of devices, from the mammoth desktop to the pint-sized smartphone.
  • User Experience (UX): The UX is the secret sauce of web design. It’s about making sure visitors don’t need a map and compass to navigate your site. You’re essentially building a digital playground where everyone can slide and swing with ease.
  • User Interface (UI): This is the shiny dashboard of your website. Good UI is like having a friendly concierge; it guides your visitors through the site with a smile (figuratively speaking).
  • Branding: Your website is like your outfit at a gala; it’s gotta scream “you” without saying a word. It’s about instilling your brand’s personality into every pixel.
  • Animation and Interaction: These are the fireworks of web design. A little can go a long way, like seasoning on a gourmet dish, to bring static pages to life.
  • Content Strategy: What’s a pretty site without brains? Creative web design involves not just the container but also what you pour into it. Content must be King, Queen, and the entire royal court.
  • SEO: This is the homing beacon for search engines. If you want Google’s spiders to crawl your site and not get lost in the web, your design needs to be as SEO-friendly as a panda in the bamboo.

So, in the land of 1’s and 0’s, web creative design is about making sure every bit contributes to a holistic, engaging, and fluid experience that keeps users coming back for more. It’s a blend of art, science, and digital wizardry.

12 Rules for Designers to Communicate with Clients

  1. The Clairvoyant Brief: When a client hands you a brief, read it like a fortune teller gazing into a crystal ball. But remember, you’re a designer, not a mind reader. So, when the brief says “make it pop,” don’t reach for the bubble wrap—have a chat and delve deeper into the mysteries of what “pop” truly means to your client.
  2. Yes, the Client is Right (But…): Clients are the compass that points to your paycheck. They might not know their CMYK from their RGB, but they know what resonates with their audience. It’s your job to agree, and then gently guide them away from Comic Sans and towards typographical nirvana.
  3. The Scope Hokey Pokey: You put your whole self in—that’s what you charge for. You put your whole self out—that’s what you don’t. You do the Scope Hokey Pokey, and you turn the project around. That’s what the contract’s about!
  4. The Pencil is Mightier than the Mouse: Before you dive into the digital deep end, take a pencil for a swim. Sketching is your design dojo where you train your ideas before they karate chop the client’s expectations.
  5. The Procrastinator’s Paradox: Remember, a watched design never finalizes. Sleeping on it isn’t laziness; it’s marinating your creativity. Just don’t snooze through the deadline.
  6. Ctrl + Alt + Delete: If your design was a soufflé, it fell flat. It happens to the best of us. Don’t be afraid to start from scratch. It’s not defeat; it’s a tactical retreat.
  7. Test it Like You Mean it: Test your designs on everything short of a toaster. If it doesn’t look good on a smart fridge, is it even a design worth approving?
  8. Perfection is the Enemy of the Deadline: If you’re fussing over whether that shade of blue is more “cerulean” or “azure,” you’re probably the only one. Perfect is great, done is better.
  9. Break it Down: Design is a dance, and your project should move step by step. Waltz through wireframes, tango with typography, and cha-cha through color schemes. Just don’t step on your client’s toes.
  10. Critique is Your Coach: When a client chews up your design and spits it out, don’t spit back. Swallow your pride, taste the feedback, and serve up something even more delicious.
  11. The Brief Encore: You read the brief, discussed the brief, dreamt about the brief, and then—read it again. Sometimes the devil doesn’t just wear Prada; sometimes he hides in the details of a design brief.
  12. The Golden Handshake: Always ask for a down payment. It’s like a retainer for your artistic soul. It keeps the lights on and the creativity flowing.

Addressing a customer to maintain a good mood (template for free use)

Dear [Client’s Name],

First off, hats off to you for navigating the tempestuous seas of your industry with the grace of a swan wearing jet skis. It’s not every day we see someone juggle the chainsaws of responsibility while riding the unicycle of entrepreneurship. Kudos!

We’re here, pompoms in hand and cheer in our hearts, ready to back you up like the world’s most supportive mattress. We’ve got the creative zest of a lemon tart, the resilience of a cat video going viral, and the dedication of a squirrel gathering nuts for a winter that never comes. Together, we’re going to make your project sparkle like a disco ball at an intergalactic party.

Remember, in the grand theater of business, you’re the star, and we’re here to shine the spotlight so bright that even the folks in the cheap seats need sunglasses. We’ll be with you every step of the way, like a trusty sidekick, only with better jokes and an unending stash of creative ideas.

So let’s raise the curtain and get the show on the road. Our team is ready to turn your vision into a standing-ovation-worthy masterpiece.

With respect and a grin,

[Your Name] [Your Title] [Your Company]

Wrapping It Out

As a final note, remember, at DesignSales.net, we believe that creative design is a tango between art and commerce. With these rules, you’ll not only dance to the tune of success, you’ll choreograph a whole flash mob of satisfied clients.

So, dear designers, arm yourself with these nuggets of wisdom, and may your client communications be as smooth and as satisfying as the finest bezier curve.

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