Animated and static banners

Create a logo, website, corporate identity – important, but not enough. You need to attract an audience to your project. To do this, use advertising networks and upload their banners.

We create effective banners in different styles. Advertising campaigns that were conducted using our graphics showed good efficiency and high index of transitions.

Creating graphic banners is an important part of the marketing strategy of advertising companies on the Internet. Properly designed banner helps to attract the attention of the audience and interest them in the product or service. But how to create a banner that will be effective on the Internet? We are not only guided by our personal experience, we also take into account the modern rules of creating graphic banners for advertising companies on the Internet, the best types of advertising banners and the main trends in banner design.

Main modern rules of creating graphic banners

The modern rules of creating graphic banners for online advertising campaigns are as follows:

Size and format

Banner size and format are important factors in creating an effective banner. The recommended banner size is 300 by 250 pixels, but sizes can vary depending on the purpose and location of the banner. Banner formats can vary, but the most common are JPEG, GIF, and Flash. It is important to make sure that the banner is sized and formatted appropriately for the site where it will be placed.

Simplicity and readability

Modern banner design rules for advertising campaigns focus on simplicity and readability. It is important to use simple, clear images and fonts that are quickly and easily perceived by the audience. Avoid overloading the banner, use bright colors and fonts that are easy to read.


When creating a banner, don’t forget about branding. The banner should display the company’s brand, use its logo and color scheme. It is important that the audience can quickly recognize the brand and associate it with the product or service being advertised.


Animated banners can be more attractive and engaging than static banners. However, it’s important to make sure that animations don’t distract the audience.

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