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Competition in all areas of business has only increased over the years. Thousands of brands compete for customer attention and market share. Most serious companies can no longer do without qualified services of designers, studios or agencies.

More relevant than ever

In order to increase audience loyalty to their product, companies strive to be present on all popular digital platforms. Potential customers inhabit the Internet, social networks, microblogs, mobile applications and smart TVs. And everywhere to convey your message to users, you need a beautiful and thoughtful design.

In the 21st century, a company without a recognizable logo, a memorable website and live accounts in social networks – turns into a gray, boring shop.

Creative Bureau: DesignSales

Studio of bright design solutions – will help your company to sparkle with new colors, to acquire visual style and individuality. We perform work in the full range of creative design tasks, from naming – to banners, from logo – to website, from the design of pages and posts in social networks – to outdoor advertising and photography.

Experience, the son of mistakes

Solid experience allows us to see the tasks deeper, to clearly present the strategy of brand development through the visual component. For more than 10 years we have been following technologies in design and digital marketing, creating logos for brands, advertising campaigns and drawing websites. Many clients, having resorted to our services, have been able to increase sales, occupy wider niches in their markets and become bright and successful.

Attitude to work

In all the time we have been working before and after the merger under the banner, we have not received any negative feedback from our clients. If there were any disputes, they were resolved in a businesslike manner.

To the point

And now a little bit of specifics. Creative Studio offers services:

  • Web-site and mobile application design.
  • Logo design.
  • Animated and static Internet banners.
  • Corporate identity and printing.
  • Outdoor advertising layouts: light boxes and road billboards.
  • Design of containers and packaging.
  • Elements of design of pages in social networks.
  • Graphic design of applications for Google Play and Apple App Store.
  • Naming services and domain name selection.

How much does it cost?

Each client is unique, each task is unique. The volume and urgency of order fulfillment are also price factors. Specific rates for services are discussed on an individual basis.

How to understand each other?

In order to make the Terms of Reference (TOR) for design development not an agonizing ordeal, we have developed TOR templates in the form of questionnaires to fill out. We will provide them on request.

Bottom line

We are open to new, interesting projects. Ready to put all our diligence and experience into your future design. We will definitely work together!

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Graphic Design Bureau